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North Rhine-Westphalia event calendars

nordrhein-westfalen event calendar

Millowitsch Theatre - dat is called Camping
Anton Roggendorfstraße is the owner of "Rheinaue 4", a campsite near Cologne. The subway, which built the city ruined his business because whenever a subway train passes through under the square, wiggle all the tents and who does have a happy holiday "earthquake area"? Anton would like to take another campsite on the Agger But the wherewithal to do it is missing.


Kreativ Haus
The creative house makes for 30 years of art and culture in Munster. From an initiative in the seventies has become an institution that enriches the cultural life of the city with a diverse range of courses, workshops, projects and events. The theater stage in creative house shows per year around 140 productions of theater, cabaret, dance and music.


Müllers Marionetten-Theater
Müller's puppet theater plays fairy tales, plays, operas and family concerts for children and adults, and in Wuppertal in Germany. For twenty years now, miller puppet theater for high-quality dramatizations and modern productions. And as long as the theater is an association for the page, which promotes and supports.


A variety of game plan - is and has always been the hallmark of the Border theater: historically evolved from the fact that the Founded in 1950, former Zimmertheater initially especially new writers and plays devoted that were not previously seen in Germany, has this balanced Schedule mix almost proved not only successful, but over the years as a sign for the house.


DAS DA Theater in Aachen
For over 25 years, THE DA theater works in Aachen for a growing audience. In the past season alone have visited more than 470 performances around 48,000 spectators. So that we are the largest professional theater free of the Aachen region. 116 productions were created during this period: the Theater an der Liebig Street, in the courtyard of the Castle Frankenberg and as a mobile children's and youth theater in schools and kindergartens in the region.

In North Rhine-Westphalia there are many events which make your vacation an unforgettable experience. Visit one of many cultural events, a theatre, concert or simply dive into the known nightlife in this nice region. Here you find a small choice of eventcalendars from North Rhine-Westphalia.